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What Employers are Looking for in Candidates
  1. Academic preparation
  2. Communication skills (including public speaking and presentations)
  3. Computer aptitude (including higher levels of computer proficiency, particularly the ability to use a language such as JAVA or HTML and graphics programs)
  4. Leadership
  5. Teamwork
  6. Interpersonal skills
  7. Personal accountability
  8. Shift thinking and creating new knowledge that can be used by the organization; requires "strategic" or "breakthrough" thinking - another way of saying higher levels of complex, critical thinking
  9. Ability to adapt to changing systems - flexibility to handle multiple tasks
  10. Demonstrated commitment to learning
  11. Participation in co-curricular activities
    • Career-related employment
    • Internships (both credit-bearing and non-credit bearing)
    • Co-op experience
    • Leadership in organizations
    • Student organization membership
    • Community service
    • Diversity training
    • Athletic participation
    • Overseas study
Recruiting Trends 1999-2000, Career Services & Placement Collegiate Employment Research Institute, Michigan State University, 1999.

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Director, Career Services Network
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